What can NCCPA do for me?

To remain successful, student affairs professionals need to stay current on trends and issues within higher education, and anticipate changes that will occur in the years to come. NCCPA provides its members with the opportunity for this kind of professional development. By networking with other professionals in the state, members of NCCPA can call upon each other and our vast array of resources.

As an active member, you will be able to receive and share special areas of expertise in all areas of college student development. NCCPA’s membership includes professionals in academic advising, activities, career development, counseling, financial aid, Greek life, international student advising, orientation, residence life, faculty, unions…just to name a few.

Each academic year, NCCPA offers a variety of conferences and one day workshops for professionals and the constituents with whom we work. Conferences include the Annual Fall Conference, the LEAD Conference (student leadership), and the Administrative Personnel Conference–just to name a few.  Membership includes you with these experiences, in addition to a vast directory of North Carolina colleagues that will only help to increase your professional network.

It is clear to see that the world is becoming smaller and more connected. NCCPA is one way you can become part of this growing trend of connections and make a difference in your professional career and in the lives of the students whom you serve.

In order to be a member of NCCPA, one must be a member of ACPA-College Student Educators International.  Because of this condition, the membership of NCCPA voted to remove membership dues as a requirement of being part of the organization.  Therefore, by being a member of ACPA, you are automatically a member of NCCPA.  There is no NCCPA-only membership option any longer.

For more information on why you should become a member of ACPA and to start the process for joining ACPA, please visit here.    When you join ACPA, remember to select “Best Value:  Join ACPA through a State Chapter” and select the options throughout the process that related to both ACPA and State Chapter (North Carolina specifically).  You’ll see that there are no membership dues for selecting North Carolina; however, by joining ACPA this way, you’ll be sure to be added to NCCPA’s membership list.