The Crystal Coast Society shall be chaired by the Immediate Past President.  The Immediate Past President shall involve any interested Past Presidents in the Society.  The Immediate Past President shall involve at least two Past Presidents in a subcommittee for nominations, elections, distinguished scholar, NCCPA awards, and bylaws. The Society shall be responsible for establishing criteria and procedures for awards, with the approval of the Executive Committee, and shall review the nominations and select the individuals to receive awards; and presenting those awards at the Fall conference. In addition, the Immediate Past-President shall recognize the service of executive committee members leaving positions at the fall conference. In addition, the Immediate Past President shall involve Past Presidents in other ad hoc subcommittees for tasks such as judging case competitions, etc.

2016-2018 Alan Mueller
2014-16  Brad Johnson
2013-14 Jason Cottrell
2012-13 Brian Merritt
2011-12 Krista Wilhelm
2010-11 Karen Kus
2009-10 Brad Johnson
2008-09 Lori Haight
2007-08 Glenda Bebber
2006-07 Diane Sledden Reed
2005-06 Heather Spell Arrington
2004-05 Shelly Myers
2003-04 Shelly Myers
2002-03 Julie Beck
2001-02 Leslie Rand-Pickett
2000-01 David Bergen
1999-00 Shelly Hoover Plonk
1998-99 Shelly Hoover Plonk and Jeanine Falcon
1997-98 Cheryl Jenkins
1996-97 Carol Binzer
1995-96 Rick Bradley
1994-95 Sharon Cannon
1993-94 Beverly Jones Williams
1992-93 Sarah Albritton
1991-92 Al Calarco
1990-91 Kathy Cleveland Bull
1989-90 George “Jody” Harpster
1988-89 Roger Pearman
1987-88 Ron Klepcyk
1986-87 John Reinhold
1985-86 Gordon Joyner
1984-85 Janice Edwards
1983-84 Marcia Harris
1982-83 Helen Winstead
1981-82 Ken Schwab
1980-81 Jane McPhaul and Tom Elmore
1979-80 Julie McVay
1978-79 Bill Long
1977-78 Fred Badders
1976-77 Glen Martin
1975-76 Joyce White
1974-75 Zeb Whitehurst and Joyce White
1973-74 Gerald Bray
1972-73 Joe Gaston
1971-72 Gloria Blanton
1970-71 Bill Lenier

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